Our Freestylers

At Girls Around The World we are proud to represent the best female football freestylers in the world. Including world champions, world record holders and world famous performers. If you can't find a freestyler that fits your criteria please contact us and we'll be happy to help further.

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Kitti - Hungary

Former 4 x world champion. 10+ years as a professional football freestyler. 

Laura - USA / Italy

5 x Guinness world record holder. Cirque du soleil artist. 2015 world champion.

Jasmijn - netherlands

3 x and current Dutch champion. Currently ranked 4th in the world.


lizzy - usa

Ranked 2nd in The USA. Workshop expert.

aguska - poland / uk

2016 world finalist. Current European champion.

torin - usa

Currently the youngest professional in the world.